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The blurst of Reddit: the cutting edge of lazy and the world’s greatest egg recipe

Approx Reading Time-10I’ve bombarded myself with the worst Reddit has to offer so you don’t have to. Hope you like lazy people, poor life choices and egg cookery. 



The final frontier of lazy.

We all enjoy the fruits of our lazy ass generation. Be the escalators that enable us to move without the use of our limbs, be it sustenance from our quarry that comes directly to us, or the advancements in monetary transactions with PayPass, because we can no longer be fucked having to press four numbers. Yay us! It’s not our fault that we’re lazy. The world is just easier. This is just who we be.

With that mantra in mind, let us scroll a lazy finger through the best exponents of the school of higher…whatever. Pictures!

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Or this person walking their dog whilst they sit comfortably in their car. I blame Turner and Hooch.

Or take me, who keeps a snack drawer next to the bed so I don’t ever have to move. Pretty genius I think. Next I’ll get a bar fridge and I’ll never have to move again.


The re-evaluation of your life choices

Have you woken up wondering where your life went wrong?

For instance, staying in your pyjamas all day and banging cocktails,with just your cat for company, twisting anecdotal stories about how cool you used to be.

Imagine what little you would think if they met you at the age you are right now. Would they be like “Damn, I grew up awesome!” or would they just silently shake their head in toddlerian judgement?

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School picture day

My high school days were a Molotov of acne, greasy hair and abject confusion. It was a fabulous time. The arrival of the yearly photo for the yearbook was not on my yippie list. I just wish I had thought of a creative way to take the pic, or encapsulate my disgust so perfectly, as these legends have.

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The “Wha?” moment of the week

Where the hell did the woman in this gif disappear?

I’ve watched it a dozen times and can’t figure it out. So please leave a comment if you know. My head hurts.

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Let’s get cooking

Lastly, I leave you with this delicious egg recipe for which most people will already have the ingredients and a cookbook that’s too good to pass up. Enjoy!

Is the first one Wes Anderson’s cookbook? – Ed

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My first sexual contortionist ABC book

Funny thing about this post is that is less the image, but more the comments below it. Oh Dear.

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Finally, this photo encapsulates the pointless irritations of Friday Morning:

Defeating the purpose.

If the stars align, I’ll see you next week.

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