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Earthling Cinema: Pulp Fiction

Approx Reading Time-8Ever wanted to know what aliens would make of our movies in the distant future? Yeah, us neither, but it’s hilarious. Enjoy Pulp Fiction.

The year is somewhere in the future and our planet, for some reason, has been destroyed. Thankfully, our culture lives on through our movies, where they are honoured on an alien planet via a show called Earthling Cinema.

Our host, Garyx Wormuloid (presumably the David Stratton of his people), takes us (which is to say “them”) through the ancient artifacts of our once proud culture. First up, Pulp Fiction.


Earthling Cinema is from the same brilliantly twisted minds who gave us Thug Notes & 8-Bit Philosophy. We love Wisecrack, so give them a sub, Earthlings.


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