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Status anxiety: what is it and can we escape it?

Status Anxiety is a very real and harmful condition by which our modern day lives are defined, but, what is it? Can we escape it?

The modern day concept of status anxiety is perhaps the greatest affliction we suffer in our everyday lives. On a base level, it is that fear we experience when someone new asks us what we do for a living. It twists and degenerates from there, as society and our perceptions place us, and everyone we meet, into two disparate parties. Those who have, and those who have not.

What makes this condition different, is that we see it as our fault. It is the very existence of vast opportunity is what cripples us, we are told that we can be anything, and as we find that not to be true, with the realities, comes status anxiety.

However, it goes deeper than that. It’s a fascinating condition, and while there are walls in bookstores dedicated to defining it, look no further than this handy video.

Because, fuck status.



For further learning, check out this outstanding Alain de Botton doco on Status Anxiety.


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