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Court of public opinion: The Orlando Shooting


Approx Reading Time-8Those responsible for the Orlando shooting are in the dock this week. Who is to blame? He who pulled the trigger, or those who put the gun in his hands?


All rise and be seated for the most Honourable TBS judges.

Those with devices in your hand, in the virtual dock before you: those responsible for the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

For those who have missed the pertinent points, an individual armed with a high-powered rifle acted on his worst impulses and entered into history’s pages what has been declared as America’s worst mass shooting.

The crime: 49 counts of murder, apathy of the first degree

The defendants: i) Omar Mateen, for ruthlessly slaying 49 innocent people on based on outright discrimination.

ii) The gun lobby led by the NRA for a) steadfastly blocking meaningful gun control reform and/or b) the continued assertion that Mateen’s murder weapon, the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, should be retailed, as it is purely for home defence.


Alright, TBS jurors! Who is more culpable? The man behind the rifle? Or is it those who supplied it to him?

Get judgin’.

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