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Meet an Innovator: Claire Morris from Prezzee

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Approx Reading Time-10TBS speaks with Claire Morris, co-founder of Prezzee, the app which has evolved the flexibility of the humble gift card.




TBS: Good morning, Claire. Can you please tell our audience about Prezzee?

CM: Prezzee is Australia’s first eGift Card app and now also a website that is a marketplace for digital Gift Cards. Matt Hoggett and I co-founded Prezzee as we wanted to solve the problem of leaving plastic Gift Cards at home, and missing opportunities to redeem them. Prezzee allows you to purchase Gift Cards for yourself or a friend and solve last minute gift ideas in an instant. We worked closely on the brand and the user experience so each Gift Card feels like a real “prezzee” and on changing the art of gifting.

All Gift Cards are integrated with our retailers, so if you want to redeem your Gift Card, simply scan the barcode at the cashier or use online. The Gift Cards update in real time too so you always know your actual balance and via the app, you can keep your Gift Cards on you at all times in your e-wallet.

You can also re-gift cards which is a bit of a life saver for me.


What is the one thing you have done in your career so far that you are proudest of?

Concept to execution – having the idea and the vision and seeing it come to life. The actual platform that supports the app is monumental. It took over 12 months to develop and is highly sophisticated and highly trusted to protect against fraud.

A proud moment was the day our first major retailer signed onto Prezzee – JB Hi-Fi. The next favourite moment was testing in store at Myer and watching Myer Gift Cards update in real time.


What do you think is the most misunderstood thing about being an innovator?

That what looks very easy requires a hell of a lot of work. I think it is the ability to keep going against all odds. Don’t take no for an answer, and believe your hard work will pay off.


Can you describe the ebb and flow of your career thus far?

I have been extremely lucky in my career. I am a graphic designer by trade, worked in award winning agencies before I was asked to join Marie Claire Australia to head their Art Department. I then took my first leap into the world of business nine years ago when I co-founded Apple&Bee lifestyle products. We had offices in Sydney and New York and were stocked worldwide. It was those formative years in business that taught me so much. Both my parents also had their own businesses so I guess I saw a lot of hard work from an early age. That probably explains my approach to business.

Work hard and all will come.


What advice would you give to people trying to innovate in their field?

Believe in your ideas and in yourself. If you don’t innovate your idea, there’s a good chance someone else will. Also make sure you give yourself a running start, don’t quit your day job until you can afford to…and also choose something you love.


Claire Morris

Claire Morris has been designing brands for the past 15 years and with this experience Claire co-founded and designed with husband Matt. From her previous business Apple&Bee, Claire designed lines for Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and John Lewis taking her Australian business to international success. Former Art Director of marie claire, Claire is passionate about sustainability and she is pleased Prezzee can help reduce the usage of traditional plastic Gift Cards one Prezzee at a time.

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