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The philosophy of Bill Murray

Approx Reading Time-8After Bill Murray recently worked a shift in his son’s bar – because Bill Murray – we thought we’d look a bit deeper at the unique legacy this strange man has.


Bill Murray is not an actor, he an island unto himself. All hail Surly Bill. The Man Who Everyone Wants To Be Their Dad(™) has had a strange, singular course through the black forest of fame, during which he has somehow escaped the label of “that goofy dude” (see: Jim Carrey, Chevy Chase and Werner Herzog), to become his own sort of sub-culture. To use the words of Hunter S Thompson: “One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production.”

But, other than cynically cutting his way through whichever narrative he finds himself in, what makes Bill Murray, Bill Murray? A man who seamlessly glides through whichever movie we spy and have no problem whatsoever with his doing so? And how does his merchandise outsell that of Dean, Monroe and Albert Einstein?

Well, overthinking bff’s at Wisecrack believe they have defined the enigma that be Bill:



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