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Our perfect footpath egg recipe

Approx Reading Time-8It’s like an oven out there. So, set that footpath to an even 400 degrees because your afternoon snack is a mere twelve seconds away.

As the temperature soars (kill us now), our palates shift to a more summery fare, in which the same surface that cooks our feet can do the same for our afternoon tea. The footpath egg is an Australian culinary tradition on par with the burnt snag or the warm pavlova. It is a tricky beast to tame, but when done correctly it has a gritty taste that is unlike anything else.


Good old fashioned home cooking, just like Mum used to make – when she had been drinking.



  • Egg
  • Stupidly hot day
  • Loss of hope




Word to the wise: Before turning the egg, one must first check the yolk for consistency:


Buon Appetit!





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