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Gretel Killeen: Unreliable psychic

Approx Reading Time-8We spoke with unreliable psychic Gretel Killeen about the abuse of her vast powers, and the problems of solving people’s problems.




When did you first realise you were psychic?

Mmmm. Maybe when I was about 3. But I should probably be clear that since then I’ve realised that the majority of my predictions are wrong, so I’m actually what is classified as “unreliably psychic”. This condition is also known as “retrospectively psychic” which means that I always think I’m being psychic but we can only rely on my predictions after they’ve actually happened.


What is the most exciting way to abuse your psychic powers? 

I never abuse my powers. I wish I could but I don’t have enough control over them. So basically my powers abuse me. They’ve caused me to see fabulous qualities in people who don’t have them, spend a fortune on clothing that never came into fashion and choose the wrong Lotto numbers every week.


Do you prefer to use your powers for good or evil?

Well, when you get older you can’t really afford to use your powers for evil in case you suddenly die and go to hell. So the truth is I’m now trying to use my powers for good. This is in fact the thinking behind my new show. People bring a problem and I solve it for them using my unreliable psychic ability.


I understand people are also asked to bring a plate?

Yes, the show is marketed as all about “whining and dining” and “bring a problem bring a plate”. We ask people to bring a plate of food as part of a communal style celebration, but really we just want free catering. (PS: no-one should panic if they’re too shy or nervous to bring a plate. I completely understand that some of us are still scarred from primary school cake stalls when your mum baked a cake to donate…and then no-one bought it.)


What can people expect from your magnificent new show?

Well, as you know most people find my shows to be gobsmackingly life changing. But I think this time, they might find their lives are changed for the better.


Guru Grets and Her Psychic Sex and Life Advice is on at 4pm on Feb 19 at The Urban Winery, 6.01/75 Mary St, St Peters
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Gretel Killeen

Gretel Killeen is the author of more than twenty books. At various times she hosts radio and television programs across the country, works as a journalist, stand-up comic and voice artist, and writes and directs feature films and documentaries.

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