Sci-gasm Podcast

Sci-gasm podcast: Five times where we asked, “WTF, science?”


Approx Reading Time-8The world of science has climbed so high, and fallen as far. From doctors drinking vomit to an elephant on LSD, the lads from Sci-gasm are here to explain the particulars.




Strap yourself in as Byrne and Wade take a look at the complex scientific issues, from time travel and black holes to the wacky world of animal sex, debunking junk science along the way. They wish for your sci-gasm to be a pleasurable one. In this week’s instalment, the lads don their best functional, yet businessy shoes to pursue five instances of science at its dodgiest. From doctors imbibing vomitus to an elephant on LSD, the boys traipse deep into the mucky ire of blergh, wondering, WTF.

Don’t look at us; it’s your brain.

The Sci-gasm podcast promotes scepticism, science and critical thinking, all through the ancient art of dick jokes. Whether it’s climate change or vaccines, or from GMOs to black holes, there’s nothing they’re not willing to discuss.

The Big Smoke will proudly be giving a platform to these two every fortnight (Science-God, help us), but if you need a sci-gasm in the meantime, find them on Facebook or Soundcloud.


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