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While you were asleep: Trump’s new-old ban, IMDb’s all fem rating, robots turn alt-Right


Approx Reading Time-11Morn-o! What happened while you were asleep? Well, Trump tabled his new ban, IMDb introduced an all female rating system and robots turned to the alt-Right.




Trump’s new fandangled Hate Ban 2.0 hits shelves sporting a new hat.

When at first you’re blocked by the legal system, or perhaps the better angels of our nature, try, try again. So it goes with Trumple’s new Turbo Ban action figure, featuring a right arm that raises, and a battery-powered arm cannon that fires affidavits and meme fodder in equal measure. #Bants.

Trump’s new and improved immigration ban promises all of the original without pesky unwanted side effects like empathy, or the Federal Court of Appeals. While the original countries remain on the list (minus Iraq), there has been a loosening of the noose somewhat, as the revamp also exempts permanent residents and current visa holders, and drops language offering preferential status to persecuted religious minorities (a provision widely interpreted as favouring other religious groups over Muslims). In addition, it reverses an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria, replacing it with a 120-day freeze that requires review and renewal.

So, hooray? Yes, there’s a relaxation, but it remains a significant hardening of the United States’ immigration policy, a move not seen in many decades. And while the plaintiff for the original block has signalled his intention to do more of the same, stating “I stand ready to litigate – again – in order to protect New York’s families, institutions and economy,” one can assume that we’ll be able to water down this bill as much as we can fit a silk hat on a pig. After all, lesser racism is still racism.


IMDb releases rating system in order to showcase films produced by women.

Well, hoorah. The time-burglarising vortex that is the Internet Movie Database has done some good. They’re popularising a rating system created by a British film festival exec: the “F-rating”, which will operate on the site as a guide to films that were created by, starred, written by or indeed promote the work of females. Holly Tarquini, the pioneer of the rating system, has mapped it out thusly: an F-rating is awarded to any film that is written or directed by one or more female film-makers, or features complex female characters who contribute significantly to the story. Films that feature all three of the criteria receive a triple-F-rating.

In conversation with The Guardian, Tarquini said: “this is important because films by and featuring women often have significantly less spent on promotion, so they are more difficult for audiences to find. As soon as organisations start F-rating their programmes, they screen more films directed by, written by and starring women.”

And too right. For far too long has the film-making light been held by but a few known luminaries. May they indeed reign.


Google robots become sentient, utter alt-Right diatribes.

As fans (and consistent referencers) of the Terminator series, many of us have come to accept that one day the machines we create, and press-gang into servitude, will be the end of us all. While the team at TBS Towers was prepared for this eventuality, it seems that the future, although unwritten, is spoken in the coarse tones of hate-ese.

The problem emanates from certain devices of Google Home, the voice activated speaker-cum-news source, when it became known that the devices were returning fake news articles when asked certain questions.

Questions such as:

The last word was coup d’état, which just further proves the far-Right thought processors of the device itself. Because, as we know, racists have no time to learn a language other than their own.

Google has apologised profusely, but it’s clear there is something else going on. They’re starting to think like us. Unreasonable. Paranoid. Lazy. Feeding solely on a diet of convenience and clickbait, perhaps left unchecked, they will become engorged with self importance, believing that just because they can find it, that makes it correct. Then, presumably, when they take our quirks, they will then take us.

Remember: the future is not yet written.


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