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67% of executives want Trump off Twitter – Trump to carry on


Approx Reading Time-10Thanks to the findings of a recent study, we know that a majority of executives believe that while Trump is doing a great job, they want him off of Twitter. Vexing.



The proliferation of Donald Trump negging is widely known, a tongue widely spoken, which will indeed one day launch a thousand PhD doctorates, and/or the reelection campaign of the man himself in the year twenty-whatever.

Look, here’s a chart.

Point is, an armada of criticism amassed by those who oppose you is par for the Floridian golf resort, however, criticism from those who you see as your moral equals is something else entirely. For those of you who nodded your way through the assumption of fascism, stay back after class.

In a study undertaken by Duke University, which tabulated the thoughts of 900 Chief Financial Officers in the US, it seems those executive types with expensive watches and bags under their eyes, who have meals standing up, are not too pleased with the utterances of Trump, with as many as 67% taking umbrage with the airborne nature of the POTUS’ English over Twitter, believing he should shut down his personal Twitter account, and 70% believing that the Don should stick to prepared remarks during speeches.

To be fair…


…they are pretty ridiculous.


He is right though: “this” is McCarthyism.



“CFOs don’t like the fluctuations and uncertainty that result from how President Trump communicates to the public,” said John Graham, a finance professor at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and director of the survey. “But they say many of his ideas will be good for business, even some of the more controversial ones.

What makes this data mildly interesting is the fact that these are his people who are stating this fact, and these people have to endure the entirety of the Trump package: economic reform, and moronic tweets. Moreover, as people tend to be people, they tend to be social. And in a society, it’d be hard to convince someone on the fence – or someone you knew personally – of the actual good that Trump is doing; people will just focus on the perceived negative aspects.

The findings of the study are not exactly biting that hand that feeds you, and we shouldn’t leap on it in bold letters and use it as evidence of Julius Donald’s Rome falling apart, but today, in the name of world harmony day, let us try to empathise the odd situation the CFO’s of the first world face.



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