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AthoGroup: Is your company built on non-compliant sand?

A company is only as strong as its foundation, and this goes far beyond choosing the right staff and location. Compliance is huge, and often daunting, but thanks to our partners AthoGroup, it doesn’t have to be.




The balancing act in business is often finely tuned to two main points – keep good clients, and keep good staff. It sounds simple, but the realities of running an SME in Australia are far from simple, and the legal complexities that company directors and business owners must be aware of can be a full time job in itself.

In fact, many businesses don’t understand what measures are required to ensure a safe and compliant organisation. For example, only 24% of businesses are compliant with first aid procedures, and 74% of Australian CEOs see cyber risks as the second-most serious hazard to their company.

It is not enough to gloss over the risks associated that can impact a business’s reputation, operations or profitability; it’s crucial to have comprehensive processes in place to deal with the high probability of the risks actually occurring. Family businesses in particular are already inundated with daily operational and commercial burdens, which, including the overwhelming education required to ensure self-regulation and compliance, can be overwhelming at best and risk being ignored.

The strength of a company is underpinned by their strategies and frameworks, and with industry shifts requiring ongoing compliance updates, the WHS sector continues to be misunderstood, or ignored by many busy CEOs. In 2015, a public enquiry was concluded by the Australian Government to examine the performance of the workplace relations frameworks. In particular, the findings looked at comments from employers in Australian workplaces to understand concerns ranging from compensation complexities to general practice around workplace safety. If you read the comments submitted by both employees and employers, you will see a pattern emerge – conflicting information, confusing rules within organisations and employers unsure of what to do next. Often, many of the concerns are not able to truly be addressed within an organisation until a risk to the operations has occurred, and rarely does the risk carry minimal cost. The goal posts in such a framework often change, with very few businesses having the time or capacity to play “catch up”, leaving them vulnerable to legal and operational changes they are unlikely to implement.

The evolving risks that family businesses can face are often irreparable, therefore finding a partner to work alongside the company is crucial in facing a sustainable and profitable future.

AthoGroup are industry leaders in the operational compliance and risk management space within Australia. The company is led by Julie Russell, who is fully accredited and committed to partnering with businesses to ensure they are compliant and able to face the issues that such risks present, by incorporating best practice through employee education programmes, a partnership built on trust, and the knowledge that expert leaders require to navigate the complete work health and safety compliance service.

A partnership with AthoGroup removes the pain of interpreting regulation and compliance, allowing a trusted, qualified and licensed professional to both consult and integrate the frameworks required to keep a business safe.  Having AthoGroup complete a full analysis on businesses compliance and frameworks gives light not only to the areas that put your company at risk but importantly, how to implement critical changes quickly and in a sustainable way. This is not an area within any organisation, regardless of industry, that can afford to be ignored, and the focus on growth, profitability is misguided when the house is built on non-compliant sand. In that sort of desert, you never find an Oasis.