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Miss Gray: Sounds like luxury

Remaining true to your vision is a rare and precious thing. Miss Gray are two Australian artists who look to buck the trend, and continue to make music their way. The Miss Gray way.




We live in an era where all that glistens is not gold; where designer goods and even diamonds can be fashioned to fool the unwitting eye. But every now and then, something authentic emerges and if you regard music and style as some of the luxuries of life, then you are singing from the same song-sheet as Miss Gray.

Embodying the style of a bygone era with the union of their voices, their music and lyrics, Miss Gray might easily have an effect on you more like Dom Perignon than just mere champagne. The twin sisters, Alicia and Kristy Gray have started to forge a path that is like many Australian artists, but with one very crucial difference. You see, ‘doing it your way’ in today’s music industry is considerably more challenging than Frank Sinatra would have you believe. Essentially the industry is controlled by the big boys on the block and success comes mostly from doing it their way. Initiatives from individual artists require an abundance of talent, immense self-belief, a unique sound and a one hundred percent commitment, just like Miss Gray.

Alicia and Kristy believe passionately in their quest to promote a luxury new fashion in music. But interestingly, the essence of luxury and fashion wrapped within music can be rather difficult to define. Listening to Miss Gray, their music conveys a singular sophistication comprising mystery, intrigue and just a hint of sexiness. If luxury has a sound this is it.

If you have never before considered music to be a luxury there’s a good chance that Miss Gray has what it takes to change your mind.

Luxury is something everyone aspires to, but few are fortunate enough to lead a life of it. For most, it represents a cut above what they’re used to, a treat which breaks the routine of life. Arguably music in the form of a concert, an opera or a simple download offers the most accessible luxury of all.

Music stirs the emotions while luxury satisfies them. Miss Gray offers a unique and utterly compelling combination of the two.

Understanding what drives a duo such as Miss Gray is even more pertinent when you consider that French designer Claude Montana is a huge influence of theirs, and this shows in their muse. The esoteric approach of influence in art is not new, but we haven’t seen it quite like this in Australia before. When you consider the darling of the ’80s high fashion scene, Claude Montana, sees a resurgence of inspiration in the form of Miss Gray in 2017, there is something intriguing and unique about the juxtaposition of eras and artistry.

Merging fashion, music, luxury and design in their new single ‘Unzip Me’ out now.
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