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Let’s Talk Career: You Can Trust Them With Your Most Valuable Assets

In the world of business, we know too much, and never enough. Thanks to the service offered by our partners at Let’s Talk Career, school is never out in the executive sphere.

The performance of a company relates directly to the quality of the executives who drive it and their level of job satisfaction. While executives are a company’s most valuable asset, they can also be the most difficult asset for a company to manage. Executives bring their own strengths, weaknesses and personal goals to their positions,and individual career aspirations that may or may not be aligned with those the company has in mind for them.

The usual company manager job description is based around setting and achieving objectives and then training, cajoling and motivating a team to achieve them. Meeting career expectations is a priority one personal focus for executives, and failure to achieve them can often produce a decline in job commitment and/or a resignation.

It often happens that company executives find themselves in jobs that are not in sync with their personal goals and aspirations. On the other hand, it could be that their goals and expectations are unrealistic. Companies often don’t have the internal skills or structure to effectively address this kind of problem.

Executive career coaching can be a valuable way to resolve issues that may arise between a company and their executive staff. Executive career coaching can work to identify if there can be alignment between an executive’s career expectations and the company career path that they’re on. In most cases, with professional guidance, individual and company expectations can be reconciled through identifying what is important to both parties, and working on a clear plan to achieve both the company’s and the individual’s goals.

Let’s Talk Career is a confidential resource for top management that can add a critical extra dimension to their executive development programme. Let’s Talk Career offers best practice career counseling – working with individuals to clearly identifying their career goals, motivators, aspirations, career blockers and barriers with a view to identifying his or her optimum career path. They liaise with top managers of companies in absolute confidence. Their executive career coaching is single-mindedly in the interests of the executive and is kept in strictest confidence. Let’s Talk Career does not divulge details and outcomes of their executive coaching: the top manager who engages them gets the barest of summaries about their activities.

It is not uncommon though for Let’s Talk Career to get a phone call from a company manager saying: “We don’t know what you are doing with Bob, but we are noticing a significant difference – in his focus, his engagement and his level of communication with us about what is important to retaining him”.

Let’s Talk Career is trusted by top management Australia-wide to give their executives successful career coaching; and they are trusted by those executives to give advice which is unambiguously in their own personal interest. Top management needs to trust the process, even to the point where, if as a result of the coaching, an executive concludes it’s in his or her best career interests to leave the company. If so, then that’s in the best interest of the company as well. The parties can successfully transition the executive out of the business in a way that is planned and well executed.

Executive career coaching of this type can only be successfully carried out by highly-qualified experts. Kris Reynolds, Managing Partner of Let’s Talk Career, is acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading authorities in the field, heading up a team that has won accolades for its work from a wide selection of top company managers.

The unique benefit their executive career coaching delivers to companies is an executive team engaged to maximum capacity with their job and personal and company career projections working together in harmony.

Companies provide great support to executives for job development and promotion, but Let’s Talk Career are the experts in helping them add value to that most vital of personal assets, a career.


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