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Business Builders Group: An inspiring chapter in the growth of an accountancy firm

Running an SME can often feel like you’re doing it alone. However, thanks to our partners at the Business Builders Group, there’s an entire community of like-minded individuals looking to build your enterprise.


When Andrew Ward launched WRC Chartered Accountants in January 2017 he had already decided that joining a premier networking operation would become a critical part of his business building strategy.

His research had shown it to be the most cost-effective, time-efficient and productive way to build a business in this market.

He joined a number of networks but soon identified that Business Builders Group was the one best equipped to help him achieve his business objectives.

After being a member of BBG for five months the business referrals from other members of his chapter have generated revenue that represents an 814% return on his investment in fees and charges. Not surprisingly he feels he got the strategy absolutely right.

Business Builders Group is a premier networking operation for small and medium businesses that never loses sight of the reality that every one of its members joins to grow their business.

There were a number of reasons why BBG was Andrew’s first choice. First and foremost they have a very impressive record of successful business referrals.

There is just one member meeting a month from 6.45 am to 9.45 am, a modest demand on his time that is easily accommodated.

He especially appreciates the opportunity to bring his clients and potential BBG members to meetings and special gala events free of charge. This has proven to be of inestimable value both in strengthening his business relationships and also in bringing new members to his BBG chapter.

Andrew has benefitted particularly from the opportunity to integrateBBG’s networking power into his own business operations. This allows him to present his fellow chapter members as part of a WRC Chartered Accountants network of associated service operations.

He has a four point plan for each of his clients that comprise helping them build revenue, cut costs, minimise tax and solve problems, especially how to achieve their ideal work/life balance. Andrew calls on fellow members of his BBG chapter to help in its delivery.

He presents them to his clients as business partners who augment his own capabilities by providing new business opportunities, goods and services at a lower price and solutions for problems such as work/life balancing. He finds this incremental resource invaluable in helping build an image with his clients as a trusted advisor.

The model works because of the high level of Know, Like and Trust that’s been generated between him and fellow chapter members.

All this becomes possible because of the BBG principle of Know, Like and Trust. The BBG operational structure of networking and business referrals only becomes fully effective through the inculcation of that mindset between members of a chapter. Andrew’s model works because of the high level of Know, Like and Trust that’s been generated between him and fellow chapter members.

Andrew stresses that members’ accountability is also an element critical to success. For example going the extra mile through holding special meetings with other members to better understand their business certainly contributes to maximising Know, Like and Trust and producing more compelling referrals.

He is so committed to the BBG model that he has become the alliance partner for his Gold Coast chapter taking leadership responsibilities especially for membership growth and maximising accountability.

Andrew has absolutely no doubt that for small and medium business owners in financial planning, real estate, legal practice, accounting, business consultancy and asset management the BBG model has no networking peer.

WRC Chartered Accountants is one of fifteen small to medium sized accounting firms around Australia that are partnering with BBG to help accelerate the growth and performance of local business owners and leaders. Andrew strongly recommends that growth-minded accounting firm principals and SME business owners should take a close look at BBG by attending one of their meetings as a guest free of charge.

If you’re in NSW or VIC book a place by phoning Greg Kay on 0412 751 957, in QLD or WA phone Geoff Hirsh on 0411 681 122 or in Singapore phone Susan Seah on 65 6339 8505.

They will advise about membership opportunities in local BBG chapters and also about a convenient time to meet up with a team that can help grow your business.


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