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Mobilia Group: Ensuring your property represents you – inside and out

We look to purchase property that represents our lifestyle, but seldom do real estate agents understand that what lies within is equally important. Thanks to our partners at Mobilia Group, you no longer have to settle for anything less than luxury.


When the purchase of a handbag is worth $10,000 simply due to an iconic monogram, often many pass judgment but don’t consider the motivations behind the purchase other than it based on both desire and opportunity. However, delving deeper into the psychology behind the value that luxury provides consumers, it is easy to understand why the pursuit of such a lifestyle is consistently valued. Regardless of economic instabilities around the globe, luxury items still remain a strong seller with consumer behaviours less likely to shift than mass-market brands.  The psychology behind the favour towards such items has been well documented but simply put, there is a constant demand for high-end items; with sales of unique pieces from Hermes and Van Cleef regularly seeing sales increase despite economic shifts.

Luxury living has a broader effect than your handbag or the car you drive, it is about the all-encompassing essence that you choose to surround yourself with. For businesses like Mobilia Group, they work with property developers, real estate agents and homeowners who place great value on the aesthetics and lifestyle their home or the homes they sell. As an industry, real estate agents would often seek to sell a high-end property that they hope would represent the lifestyle it’s blue chip surroundings suggest; but rarely do they realise the importance of the furnishings as a major selling point. Mobilia Group bridge this gap by bringing together the property and the lifestyle cross-channel into an effective aesthetic product that streamlines the commercial process. While many buyers dream of owning a luxury property, the right clientele often does not have the time to both purchase the property they want and also ensure the fittings connect with the lifestyle the property represents.

The property industry knows there is more science to luxury than simply ambition or status, as the home we cohabitate changes the way we look at the world and the world looks at us. Evolutionary psychologists have often discussed the way humans shape their desire for luxury goods, and how as a society it influences our intrinsic pride. While definitions of both luxury and success differ culturally, the sensory cues heightened by one’s home, remains.

Mobilia Group works hand in hand with real estate agents and property developers to package the very luxury lifestyle that buyers want, and sellers need better to convey.

This product streamlines for many business sellers what is often a stressful and fragmented process. Mobilia Group understands well the critical strategy required in catering for a market where multi-million dollar properties become treated like royalty. By introducing ‘The Royal Series’, Mobilia Group have created an offering for elite clients who understand the value of a strong luxurious property and create a package for sellers looking to streamline the buying process.


Contact Mobilia Group now for more information about the game-changing Royal Series.

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