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Life hacks for the dead: Things people from small towns don’t say

I recently decided to go the full Sigrid Thornton and trade the big city for a small town. It’s great. Really. No complaints. Not one. Nope. Help.



Because I can’t face the realities of my life, I’ve decided to trade in the hustling relevance and grating apathy of the city for an idyllic backwater town. A place where people are nice, the smiles are free and nothing at all is hard to procure, travel around or be seen in. I’ve not doubted my move for a second. Nope. It’s primarily why I made this video. That and to build a tall wall of denial, tall enough so that skittering cockroach called reality cannot scale.


Things people from small towns don't say

If you've lived in a small town chances are you haven't said any of this….

Posted by Sam Blacker on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sam Blacker understands. But, don’t mistake that for an endorsement of your faults, or to enable a date. Seriously, don’t. As one of the middle children of history, he’ll be regularly releasing “life hacks” for those who have given up on life. Because he’s a sadist. And he’s stuck here in perpetuity for a crime he’s committed in a past life.

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Sam Blacker

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