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The Green Room: The game changing app empowering film and television production worldwide

In order to grow, our film and television industry needs greater connectivity. Thanks to the innovation of The Green Room, how to be seen, found and funded is one location away.



The film and television industry is always exciting, colourful and dynamic but at times lacks cohesion, structure and planning.

There has long been universal agreement that the dots could be better connected but until recently no one has come up with a solution that connects industry workers with industry projects in a well-managed efficient process.

Bringing order to the process was never going to be easy because it demanded a disruption of activities, which in themselves were highly disruptive and on top of that provided a dimension that was international as well as local.

Kosta Nikas and Peter Lord took on the challenge. They knew from their own experience how plagued the industry was by outdated and chaotic modes of networking and how ill served it was by a system largely underpinned by social networking and agent databases.

Co-founder Kosta Nikas says ‘I have been involved in the arts for more than 20 years and filmmaking the last decade or so. The hardest thing for any creative is getting their work read, seen and eventually produced, not to mention sourcing funds in the case of independents.’

So they founded The Green Room, a state-of-the-art App designed to help production in the film and television industry work smarter and more efficiently.

”We have been enthusiastically received by the industry and indie filmmakers around the world. Since our recent release, we have been downloaded in over 50 countries.” Says Peter Lord, co-founder and Managing Director of the Green Room.


It is a game-changer for filmmakers, creative talent and indeed anyone who contributes to the production of audiovisual content.


Unlike other solutions, The Green Room isn’t just the prelude to a performance but rather the catalyst for an improved industry-wide performance both locally and globally.

It is a game-changer for filmmakers, creative talent and indeed anyone who contributes to the production of audiovisual content.

The Green Room App, a world first for the industry, is available for worldwide release in the App Store and Google Play. It allows industry workers to post their credentials on the Green Room for both local and international consideration. Film and television producers can use it to post current and planned productions and advertise jobs. It simply helps the industry work a whole lot better.

Film festivals, film and television schools and industry award bodies can all post details of courses, opportunities and events.

By using the App any industry worker or production facility who has registered free of charge on the Green Room network as a member can look up job postings, make job offers, search for productions by location and type and make appropriate connections both at home and abroad.

But this digital connectivity wasn’t quite enough since filmmakers also need funding. So The Green Room solved that problem too by launching the Green Room Filmmaker Fund.

The Filmmaker Fund is a major industry initiative that has just been announced. Any production posted on The Green Room site by a member can qualify for a share of the $50,000 fund.

Simply go to www.thegreenroom.io for details and the entry form for any production you have posted and submit it online by the 30th September for the first round of funding. Winners will be selected by a celebrity six-person judging panel that includes HBO vice-President Stephen Reves and Red Dog director Kriv Sanders. The winning productions for the first round of funding will be announced on 15th October.

Kosta and Peter’s breakthrough concept has received rave reviews from film and television industry executives worldwide, including India’s legendary advertising director Prahlad Kakkar who said it was “exactly what the doctor ordered for all of us in the entire film fraternity, television fraternity and advertising fraternity”.

“It’s a great networking tool for our indie filmmakers. The more resources and support we provide them, the more we stimulate growth and employment in our sector,” adds Adam Scott, MD, Spectrum Films (Alien, Lion, Hacksaw Ridge) Fox Studios Australia

The Green Room connects and empowers film and television production worldwide. It is projecting to become one of the industry’s most successful ever productions.

Download the app today!