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Business Builders Group: The law is on their side

The Business Builders Group is a like-minded group of individuals inspired to maximise the growth of your business through the medium of interpersonal trust. But don’t take our word for it, their members speak for themselves.



There are so many business initiatives these days that replace personal contact with digital, it almost feels disruptive to discover one that goes against the flow.

Business Builders Group has built an impressive track record of success through demonstrating the more small and medium business owners come together to know, like and trust each other the more they prosper. Just ask Michael Perkins.

Michael is a Partner and third-generation family member at private law firm Perkins Fahey Rosenblum, he’s a noted authority on estate planning and a member of a Business Builders Group chapter.

His firm still adheres to the operating principles handed down by his father and grandfather. These prescribe that the role of a law firm goes beyond helping clients like small businesses, their owners, families, and individuals to resolve strictly legal issues. It is rather to provide holistic solutions that help clients transition successfully through life towards meeting challenges like succession planning, ageing, and retirement. These are made possible only through deep and trusting relationships with clients

When he was seeking new ways of expanding his practice Michael was drawn to BBG because its core strategy of Know Like and Trust was so much in tune with his own way of doing things. He describes the integration of his firm’s operations with BBG as seamless.


BBG members are owners of small and medium businesses. They join BBG to achieve a higher rate of business growth, and that is the reality BBG never loses sight of.


BBG members are owners of small and medium businesses. They join BBG to achieve a higher rate of business growth, and that is the reality BBG never loses sight of.

A local BBG chapter is an environment designed to engender Know Like and Trust among its members. This mindset gives members the confidence to make strong business referrals on behalf of peers in their chapter. Thus BBG harnesses the power of personal endorsement.

In addition, BBG provides members with advice from experts on SME business development, solutions to individual problems and also with special events like Mastermind Lunches to which members can invite their own current and potential clients as guests.

Michael reports that his membership of BBG has brought a number of benefits to his law firm.

Business referrals have increased his rate of client acquisitions but he stresses that this only began to happen after being Known Liked and Trusted by other members of the chapter.

He is particularly impressed by the expert advice and mentoring provided by BBG. SME owners are often too busy to seek help but at BBG it is readily available. Michael finds BBG is an environment where he can disconnect from everyday pressures and take a refreshingly objective view of his firm.

BBG facilitates the formation of business networks between its members and Michael has found the expanded source of expertise they provide to be an invaluable source of better solutions for his clients.

He has become a key player in a joint initiative between the Institute of Management Consultants and BBG to establish a new members’ chapter for management consultants.

BBG members comprise accountants, business consultants, manufacturers, travel agents, financial planners, lawyers like Michael and much more.

They gain significant benefits through only a very limited demand on their time. Monthly chapter meetings start at 6.45am and finish by 9.45 am.

The best way to take a closer look at BBG is to attend one of their forums or business briefings as a free guest. If you’re in Australia call Geoff Hirsh on 0411 681 122 or in Singapore call Susan Seah on 65 6339 8505. They will advise about membership availability in your local chapters and the best opportunity for you to join a team with the potential to grow your business.

And they’ll explain how that happens through the power of people who come to Know Like and Trust you.


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