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Solving the marriage equality debate: Anyone for tennis?

There’s a strong case for saying Yes to gay marriage, as long as it’s based on the Tennis Australia model. The ball is in our Margaret Court, people.



If you are seeking reassurance before voting on marriage equality, you need to look no further than the world of tennis.

Both men’s and women’s doubles have been accepted in the sport for as long as there have been mixed doubles, and there’s never been the slightest hint of disapproval either from the church, the far right or Tony Abbott.

The Pope, however, is not keen on doubles of any sort for the priesthood because it tends to result in more service errors.

Transsexual tennis even allows doubles matches to start as men’s or women’s and then switch to mixed after a change of ends.

There’s nothing controversial about singles as long as it doesn’t encourage players to concentrate overly on playing with themselves.

The future of men’s and women’s doubles is assured at the US Open, the French Open and Wimbledon but is now subject to a postal vote at the Australian Open. The future of mixed doubles is also a concern because of the trend towards gender neutrality.

Coaches are somewhat worried about the impact of LGBTI tennis on the sport as a whole because it can cause players to swing in different ways or start playing in the wrong set.

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