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Kit Harrington loses his head in prank that floors fiance

As it turns out, there’s a downside of being engaged to Kit Harrington. You might just find his decapitated head in a fridge. I’d still go there.



Those who behead together, stick together. In the great Hollywood couple tradition of placing your spouse’s head in an enclosed space, comes the details of a rather epic prank Kit Harrington unleashed on the soon-to-be Mrs Snow, Rose Leslie.



Revealing himself on The Jonathan Ross Show, Kit Harington said: “It turns out, now you’ve seen that, that she’s not a big, like my family does April Fool’s, her family doesn’t do April Fool’s.

“After that, she was in tears. It didn’t go down well. She pretty much told me if I did it ever again that would be it, and I think that’s marriage included.”



I mean, to be fair, as two veterans of the stabby/nudity/gorefest that is the Throne (and the Game around it), you’d think that Rose would be used to such outright nonsensical gore. I mean, a head in a fridge is equally believable as a powerful midget that has sex with everybody. Or a woman who is a mother to a series of fire breathing reptiles.

That being said, Jon Snow is oft-derided for his famous lack of knowledge, it’s fair to say that the man who plays him knows something about marriage – last nerves are made to be stepped on.


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