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Dual citizen MPs: We need foreign mammals in our kangaroo court

The continued expelling of dual-citizen MPs is an absolute disgrace. Has the High Court even considered the many dual-national Australians they represent? 



It’s an absolute scandal that all dual citizen MPs are being booted out of Parliament. This will leave the five million dual citizens in Australia without parliamentary representation, and is bound to cause a torrent of complaints under Section 18C.

At a time when the political talent pool is drying up, this move to exclude a fifth of the population from parliamentary participation could reduce it to a few drips.

This could be the start of a slippery slope. Next thing we know federal MPs with names like Plibersek, Frydenberg, Albanese and Husic (as well as incumbents like Abbott who were born in the UK), will be summarily demoted to local councils on suspicion.

It’s been recognised for years that the Greens come from another planet, but only when it was discovered that one of them came via Canada and another via NZ that there was a concern they could be an alien force in Parliament.

Does it really matter that Malcolm Roberts, a pillar of One Nation, actually represented two?

Perhaps all the dual nationality MPs should come together to form a new party called Two Nations.

The way things are going it could have an outright majority.


Racial prejudice is one thing but it’s twice as bad when applied to people of two races.


It seems absurdly anomalous that while a true blue Aussie like Barnaby was deemed unqualified to be the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, he was nevertheless qualified to be the Deputy Prime Minister of NZ.

So far no dual citizenship has been detected amongst Labor Party MPs, although their loyalties are already stretched to breaking point through dual membership of both their Party and the union movement.

It’s incredible that the benefits of dual citizenship are not prized more highly because it’s only common-sense for Australians to have the option of a second country in case Clive Palmer ever becomes PM.

It’s time to rise up and terminate this kangaroo court. Racial prejudice is one thing but it’s twice as bad when applied to people of two races.

If this purge of the duals persists there’s the possibility that five million people could pack up and migrate to their other nations. Come to think of it, however, there is the intriguing prospect that such an outflow would bring substantial benefit by lowering Australia’s population to around twenty million, thereby solving many of the country’s major problems through reducing the demand for electricity, housing, reducing traffic congestion, reducing the pressure on education and health services, reducing carbon emissions and most significantly of all reducing the number of MPs.

This would allow the body politic and the judiciary to concentrate on severe new challenges facing the nation like what to do about people holding dual spousal status as a result of having married gaily as well as heterosexually.









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