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While you were asleep: Biden back for 2020, Katter ruins equality chrimbo, the 24 hour kebab live stream

Slightly more positive news this morning, as Joe Biden may run in 2020, the marriage equality vote was sullied and you can now watch a kebab all day. What? I said slightly.



Biden continues to biden his time, promising us the presidency we were for-biden. Sorry.

Please Joe, say it’s so. Make it happen, just so we can see a US election decided on something that everyone places stock in. Memes. The cool granddad, Robin to Obama’s Batman and previously very attractive youth Joe Biden, has refused to quash rumours that he’ll run against the Tangerine in 2020.



Bring out your memes.



Seven MPs spoil surprise by disclosing which way they’d vote for marriage equality.

Tomorrow knocks the day that we’ve all been beating a drum toward. The “decision” of the marriage equality question will be known, however, a collection of MPs have decided to spoil the surprise by just telling us what they got for us before we could open it.



Well done, Uncle Bob. You’ve ruined Christmas again.



Canada again proves her brilliance with 24-hour kebab live stream.

We’re all guilty of it. This idiot especially. We tend to overthink things and overlook simple beauty in favour of the ugly and prosaic. But, as a man who believed in nothing espoused, (we) cannot do without beauty. So, consider the 24-hour stream of kebab meat rotating as your mental salve for the burn of a furiously empty life. Well, unless you’re vegetarian. Soz.



Also, and vegetarians aside, but I feel we should also regale in the superb gorgeousness of how small this watery orb of hate really is. No matter how different we might be, we savour the same things*

A kebab by any other name, right?

*sorry, vegetarians.





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