Elizabeth Sheedy

Research claims the bigger the bank, the worse off customers are

According to new research, the larger the bank the more likely they are to screw you. So, where to from here?

    Yet again this week, the Hayne Royal Commission has brought disturbing news of ... Read the full article
Elizabeth Sheedy

Elizabeth Sheedy is a financial risk expert based in the Applied Finance Centre where she has been teaching in Singapore and Australia for more than 20 years. Prior to joining the university she worked for Macquarie Bank and Westpac. She is responsible for all courses in the Risk Management specialisation in the well-regarded Master of Applied Finance program. A/Professor Sheedy has enjoyed a long association with RMA Australia (Risk Managers' Association) and PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers' International Association) and co-edited The Professional Risk Managers' Handbook. In previous years her research focussed on quantitative risk modelling. More recently her research focus has shifted to the role of governance and culture in determining outcomes for banks. Her current focus research interests are: risk culture, ethical culture/leadership, remuneration and experimental investigation of risk management behaviour.