Ugur Nedim

The Australian prison boom: Taking care of big business


Despite the lowering crime figures, our prison population is booming, which means big business for some.

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Ugur Nedim

Ugur Nedim is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist and the Principal of Sydney Criminal Lawyers, a leading Sydney Law Firm that specialises in Criminal Law and Traffic cases.


The unpaid bill: Time to protect ourselves against our government?

As it stands, Australia is the only western nation that does not have a bill guaranteeing its citizens’ rights. With our trust in the system deteriorating, is it time for a sweeping change?

First test for NSW anti-protest laws

Three townspeople from Wollar represent the testing ground for the NSW government’s new anti-protest laws. If found guilty of protesting a coal mine, they could face seven years behind bars.

When “just doing my job” becomes a crime

As we’ve learned from the United Airlines fiasco, all parties concerned were just “doing their job”. This is what happens when training gets in the way of personal accountability.