Gordon Smith

Cup of life/death: 5 coffee abominations from around the globe

It's fair to say that baristas the world over have got a bit carried away. Coffee is now implanted in ice cream cones, pie crusts and inter-generational hubris. Make the pain stop.

  Coffee: the brown go-go juice. Maybe you’re an instant kind of guy, who is rightfully proud of your ability to turn what is by all appearances a rough, ... Read the full article
Gordon Smith

Journalist by day, cunning linguist by night. A passion for politics, hypnotically involved in human rights. An Australian born with a Japanese tongue, hoping to hold the big wigs in government to account.

Escaping the claws of the “love” trap

While we all strive for the unconditional love promised to us by the arts, sadly we often settle for reality. We can possess it all, however. All it takes is a slight tweak to our thinking.