Hailee Walker

Modern love is a strange percentile (and other dating figures)


Approx Reading Time-11A whole bevvy of revamped statistics has made the idea of finding love on a date all the more unlikely, but also rather more interesting. J'accuse, sex ... Read the full article
Hailee Walker

Hailee lives in Sydney and is a relationship counsellor. Hailee is a doting mum to three cheeky, clever and mischievous children and a loving wife to a handsome, heavily tattooed, bearded man. Hailee is passionate about helping singles and couples create loving and healthy relationships.

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Heartbreak – Part one: Author, Lisa A Phillips

In TBS’ new 5-part series exploring heartbreak, relationship counsellor Hailee Walker speaks to those who help the heartbroken who are looking for alternatives for relief. In part one, Hailee speaks to Lisa A Phillips, author of “Unrequited” and journalism professor at SUNY New Paltz, about obsession.