Sci-gasm Podcast

Sci-gasm podcast: How to spot bogus science and how to abuse a flat-earther


Sci-gasm. We all want one, right? This week the bent minds of Wade and Byrne outline how to spot the dodgy plastic science studies that surround us. That plus Deepak Chopra. Win-win.

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Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao: We need more of it

Earlier this week, Rodrigo Duterte called for martial law on the streets of Mindanao in response to the attack by IS-sponsored terrorists – and as someone who calls those streets my own, I desire more of it.

Gender studies hoax: Gazing at the irrationality of the rationalists

Recently, two writers submitted a hoax piece to expose gender studies as an SJW construct. However, their gleeful abandon has revealed something far more telling. That moral point-scoring outweighs truth, even in academic circles.


While you were asleep: Estimates kicks off, Taiwan legalises SSM, ABC’s football own-goal

Well bugger me with a fish fork, it’s Thursday. Huzzah. The world kept dying while you were recharging, which featured an argument at the estimates, Taiwan saying yes to gay marriage and an unholy clusterboink on ABC2.


Current Affairs Wrap: FBI probes Trump and Russia, Assange walks free, rock and roll in mourning

Trump’s not happy, the music world was punched in the black hole sun and there was some good news for Julian Assange.

While you were asleep: Impeachment put forward, Chelsea Manning freed, ant becomes dinosaur

The first steps of impeachment were walked by a soul singer, the first steps of Manning’s freedom by Converse and a red ant became a black sheep. Go back to sleep, trust me.