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While you were asleep: Burberry burns merch, Miami bans protest, USB screws species


Well, it's Friday. An arbitrary day on the calendar that we made important. Celebrate. Overnight, Burberry acted like posh geese, the Miami Dolphins did bad and the whole USB clusterboink raged on.

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While you were asleep: Trudeau responds to groping allegations, Cavani to destroy science, Scotland’s almost historic day

I always marvel at how radiant you look in the morning. Don’t think I haven’t noticed. The news? Oh, Justin Trudeau was held to a different standard, Edinson Cavani wants to blow up science and Scotland disappointed itself. Now come back to bed.

While you were asleep: Donald will now cage everyone, Russia’s Russian narrative, Chicken Alfredo and jail

Well. This morning Donald Trump listened to criticism, the World Cup in Russia went the full borscht and ‘Chicken Alfredo and Sprite’ entered the lexicon.     Donald reverses his ‘caged kids’ border policy, promises to let everyone in. This morning, the masked figure of empathy swung through the windows of the White House, vice