Rob Idol

Current Affairs Wrap: Donald pulls out of Kim, justice for Tiahleigh, 30y/o ordered from parents’ home

Well, what a week it was. The lunch date between Donald and Kim was called off, justice was finally served and one adult had to move out of home.

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Rob Idol

Rob is an aspiring writer who balances his time between a “real” job and his passion for politics, social justice and all things creative. He has an MBA, an unhealthy obsession with current events, an even unhealthier obsession with pop culture and has been known to offer favourable food reviews in exchange for free meals.

Defeated in Syria and Iraq, Islamic State is now rebuilding in Indonesia

They might have been chased out of the Middle East, but Islamic State is now setting up shop on our doorstep.


Current Affairs Wrap: Malaysia sees change, Australia’s worst shooting since Port Arthur, the continent that doesn’t exist

Well, what a week that was. There was diplomatic change in Malaysia, the revisitation of gun violence, and one continent ceased to exist.