Michael Visontay

Old loyalties die hard as rabbis get final grilling on child sexual abuse


Approx Reading Time-12Despite the searing force of examination from the Royal Commission, it seems that old loyalties and habits die harder for some.

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While you were asleep: “Bomber” reaches White House, Prof wants drug decriminalisation, notable cartoonist passes

Ahh, Monday…can’t wait to shirk your challenges. What happened while you were asleep? Well, the White House fell under attack from stupidity, there were renewed calls for drug decriminalisation and 2017 claimed it’s next victim.


Current Affairs Wrap: Trump’s Presidential moment, Barnaby’s media gaffe and an Oscars to remember

As far as weeks go, it was fairly tame. Trump gave a Presidential speech coated in platitudes, Barnaby Joyce was burnt by the limelight and there was a catastrophic snafu at the Oscars. Standard.

The first six months of 2016 have been the warmest on record (98)

Current Affairs Wrap: NASA’s new system, Tony’s old bag and the greatest culinary mistake

We’re taking a week off Trump, but it was still a week to forget. Tony Abbott returned to rock the boat, and a Michelin star was mistakenly awarded. But NASA discovered a system of Earth-like planets, so there’s still hope.