Xavier Toby

With the Weinstein Company now broke, where to for #metoo?

With the Weinstein Company filing for bankruptcy, I say it's time for #MeToo to evolve and move to those who saw something and said nothing.

    The Weinstein Company was touting how profitable ... Read the full article
Xavier Toby

Xavier Toby is a writer and comedian. His debut comedic non-fiction book about six months on a mining site 'Mining My Own Business' is available through UWA Publishing (http://uwap.uwa.edu.au/books-and-authors/book/mining-my-own-business). For more writing, upcoming performance details and some embarrassing photos check out his website.

The ‘Yes’ voter: We might be on the right side of history, but we can be ignored in the present

I’ve voted, had my say, and made my voice heard. However we who vote Yes should not forget that we could easily be ignored, and all the pain and hurt would be for nothing. I hope I’m wrong.