Allie Long

One size doesn’t fit all: Why has our push for body neutrality stalled?

The standard equation that we women are told is: If you love our body we should buy to take care of it. But I'm wondering why we can't break the cycle of tying body positivity with retail excess.

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Mottainai: The Japanese method of reducing waste in your house and mind

The amount of waste we create often brings regret. The Japanese have built a philosophy around reducing this clutter, not out of guilt, but rather in a pursuit of fun and expression.     Mottainai. You’ve felt it, even if you haven’t heard of it. It’s that feeling that makes you clean every morsel off

The ‘Yes’ voter: We might be on the right side of history, but we can be ignored in the present

I’ve voted, had my say, and made my voice heard. However we who vote Yes should not forget that we could easily be ignored, and all the pain and hurt would be for nothing. I hope I’m wrong.

Fake news or real? Trump stole his wall gimmick from TV, a gang of rubber bands disappeared a woman and an imaginary friend found alive and well

Welcome back to the off pork pie that the internet has heated up for us. A woman lost a battle against a rubber band, an imaginary friend didn’t exist and we discovered the source of Trump’s power.