Ketan Joshi

Gender studies hoax: Gazing at the irrationality of the rationalists

Approx Reading Time-14Recently, two writers submitted a hoax piece to expose gender studies as an SJW construct. However, their gleeful abandon has revealed something far more telling. That moral point-scoring outweighs ... Read the full article
Ketan Joshi

I did a science degree at Sydney University, and since I was a teenager I’ve loved science, technology, philosophy and psychology. I worked in the renewable energy industry for six years, doing operational monitoring, data analysis, community engagement and corporate communications. My passion is communicating complex, technical concepts in highly accessible ways; seeking to entertain and educate, rather than patronise or over-simplify.


Yuval Noah Harari: Modern history’s Nostradamus

Yuval Noah Harari is a dangerous thinker. In charting our recent past, he suggests the future will be one of technology, where we tear down religion and honour ourselves.

The Rockefeller who tore down the empire

Valerie Rockefeller is a divisive, transformative figure, as she’s shifting from the fossil fuels that made her family rich to renewables. But, is it a move to secure the environment, or the next income stream?


The Australian condition: Brown Poppy Syndrome

There’s a pattern that seems to repeat in this country. Whenever a minority proudly stands for Australia, white Australians immediately bite back.


Choke point: What the Adani conversation should be

The Adani issue has been discussed from so many angles, we tend to lose sight of the bigger picture, and indeed what we can do about it.