Kathleen Jessop

A salute to the ordinary Australian

In the pursuit of excellence, we've let the conditions of the ordinary Australian slip. Ordinary is fine, and ordinary is worth fighting for.

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Kathleen Jessop

Kathleen Jessop is a 20-something radio journalist living in Werribee, Melbourne. When she's not on-the-air in Geelong she is painting, drinking a crisp G&T or bragging about her AFL team. Kathleen grew up in Melbourne's outer north and has lived in three cities and two regional areas, you can find her on Twitter @RetroTecher


Mr Shorten, Mr Morrison: What is your plan for those in detention?

The name on the door might have changed, but the challenges those stranded in our detention centres haven’t. So, Mr Shorten, Mr Morrison. What is your plan to solve this issue?

As a foster parent, we need to look to children in our backyard too

It has been argued that people are more upset about separating illegal immigrant parents and children than they are about children being ripped from parents and placed into foster care. This foster caregiver weighs in.