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Listen: The real view of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Australia


Approx Reading Time-8PolitiScope Podcast speak to Robin Margo SC and The Big Smoke's publisher Alexandra Tselios about Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Australia this ... Read the full article
PolitiScope Podcasts

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#AusPol winners and losers: Stop the polls, I want to get off!

The final form of Malcolm, the re-return of the returning returner and one very sad panda. What a week of #AusPol it was. We survived it. At least until Sunday, you know, when I have to work, yeah?

One Nation

One Nation’s clear and present danger to the conservative establishment

The second edition of One Nation is not to be confused with the first, for Pauline’s new approach is a threat not only to the Left but also those who represent conservatism in this country.


Donald Trump: Thank you for everything

The genius of Donald Trump is something to celebrate. In a solitary week he’s unified a disparate nation, and shot ancient literature back into prominence. Beat that, Obama.