Anita Lester

Reflections on Mirka Mora: Child of the holocaust, mother of our Melbourne

We might have recently lost Mirka Mora, but to me, she is inexorably linked to the past, and the memories of home that never waver.

    If I close my eyes, I can smell the briny air skimming on ... Read the full article
Anita Lester

After starting her journey with alt-pop trio 'Me and the Grown-ups' before moving onto the moniker 'Lester the Fierce', Anita Lester is ready to debut her solo project. Over the past decade, Anita has become known as 'The tiny church with Cathedral pipes'. She describes her writing as lyrically driven, and her music cinematically inspired.

All in a day’s work: Five circadian novels you should know about

A circadian novel is one that follows their characters over a 24-hour period. It’s tough to produce, but when done correctly, the results are spectacular.

Terrible political change, what is it good for? Well, art, actually

As we watch Zimbabwe tear itself apart, our extended history indicates that the worse things get, the better the art we produce becomes.

The brilliant and painstaking art of stop-motion moviemaking

Stop-motion filmmaking is an ornate, highly skilled medium that is fast being consigned to history’s bin. It’s best we pay homage to the true masters.