Lachlan Liesfield

Embedded: An accessible mind-bending sci-fi that’ll claim your afternoon

Embedded presents something different in the Sci-Fi genre. Technology is not just introduced, it evolves alongside the narrative.

    Initially, Embedded had me worried. ... Read the full article
Lachlan Liesfield

Lachlan is an aspiring writer in any form he can lay his hands on, be that novels, screenplays, journalism, or playwriting. Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law double degree at Monash University, he hopes to find his way into the Arts, one way or another.


Book bluffer’s guide: Bluffing a booker…into bed

O, the lovers we covet, those with large bookcases and hard covers. Book people. If you have your eye on one, but are short in the knowledge department, worry not, for we can bluff you through it.