Sci-gasm Podcast

Sci-gasm podcast: The greatest fictional scientists that (never) lived

Fiction has given the world of science much inspiration. Flying cars, lolwut. This week, the boys from sci-gasm rank the greatest fictional minds, because they're weird like that.

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TBS Next Gen: Why “High School Musical” is the best movie trilogy of all time

What does the next generation think of today’s issues? The Big Smoke’s Next Gen program publishes Australian students mentored by TBS writers. Today, Giselle Atlas puts forward the case that High School Musical is the greatest film trilogy of our time.

The Shape of Water: A modern love story that speaks volumes

Returning to what he knows, Guillermo del Toro toes the pool of romantic kink in ‘The Shape of Water’ a rippling reminder how the tide of love crosses the expanse of species.