Ben Kaye

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Approx Reading Time-10We spoke with tattoo artisan Ben Kaye about using his craft as a conduit to tell the stories of others. That and the correct amount ... Read the full article
Ben Kaye

From a young age, I have been interested in all forms of art but that passion and focus became tattooing. I was always drawing on people in class with some idiot talking about ink poisoning in the background. So, at the age of fifteen with all my tattoos planned out, I enrolled in Fine Art college to better myself as an artist. College was a path I wandered down but I never loved it. A few failed years of art college later I got my first tattoo in a traditional studio in a rainy north English city called Glossop. “Leave a message on the machine and I’ll get back to you” was written on his door, he never did walk ins. Harley in the waiting room, glass cases with every cult figure imaginable and you could smoke inside. After that I never looked back. Almost 9 years I've been tattooing. It’s been a rollercoaster that’s allowed me to live in Malaysia, Spain, Germany and now New Zealand.