Hobie Anthony

All hail the algorithm, America’s new political master

The US political landscape was divided enough, although the rise of the algorithm has just split us further. How are we supposed to discuss if we're only getting one side?

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Hobie Anthony

Hobie Anthony is a Portland, Oregon, novelist. His first book, Silverfish, a pitch-black dystopian science fiction, is available from Whiskey Tit Books. When not writing, he plays disc golf, watches movies, and (sometimes) blogs. You can also follow his exploits on Twitter.

Five books that inspired me: Stella Award winner, Heather Rose

Ahead of the Sydney Writer’s Fest, we tasked Stella Award-winning author Heather Rose to share the books that provoked, inspired and challenged her.

Australia’s refugee crisis and the woman in the red bikini who jumped the queue

In the late 1970s, Australia was dithering on whether to allow those escaping Vietnam and Cambodia to resettle here. However, while this was happening, one woman in a bikini managed to jump the queue.

TBS Next Gen: We should be discussing the elephant in the room, not riding it

What does the next generation think of today’s issues? The Big Smoke’s Next Gen program publishes Australian students mentored by TBS writers. Today, Bailey Mason (15) believes it’s time we move on from an antiquated tourist activity.

Fake News or real? Defeat Facebook with one weird trick, Facebook to compensate users, Homeland Security spies on journalists

I fear we’re drowning in a neck of Fake News paranoia this week, as Facebook can either be torn down by millennialese, or they’re cutting you a cheque. That and the Department of Homeland Security are doing far worse. Welcome.