Jack Hoffman

TBS Boomers: Musings on my life since becoming voluntarily homeless

Since the string of circumstances pushed me to the brink of homelessness and beyond, the respectable life I've been able to build will do. It has to.



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Poisonous fidget spinners, education for reparation and helium-infused beer

Welcome to the land that taste forgot. A land of deadly fidget spinners, racial equality and extremely light beer. Why? Each week we’ll be plumbing the depths of fake news to see if any measure of truth can be found within. That and it passes the time.


The best (messed up) films to celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you’re at all like us at The Big Smoke, you have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. We put together our favourite films’ favourite scenes – from twisted romance to just plain murder – to celebrate the most romantic (and expensive) day of the year!