Mathew Mackie

‘KkKlansman’ and woke Australia: Black, white and misread all over


The volcanic laughter and outrageous applause I heard from an all-white all-woke audience illustrated how much we missed the point of Black KkKlansman.

    Being a white male in 2018 is ... Read the full article

It’s official – Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (customer engagement or CRM) and Finance and Operations apps, is now receiving semi-annual updates

Although this update schedule has effectively been in place since April 2018 – when the latest version of CE (link here to 9.02 article) was released, last Friday Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics 365 would receive major updates every April and October.     This means that every six months there will be a slew

Paris Patisserie

Once in a while, you get an offer you can’t refuse. For me, this was a chance to take part in the Workshop Fou de Patisserie, with three mega-star patisserie chefs. On top of that, it was a chance to spend some time in Paris checking out suppliers and- hopefully- doing a little bit of

How to deal with the dark side of life

I have been a photographer and film maker for some years now. There is quite a bit involved in making a great film – things like the story, characters and the editing. In the same way, taking a great photograph means a compelling subject, good composition and great light. When the film or photo is

All about Alibaba

You can’t think about investing in overseas shares without exploring China as an option. While many investors are still focused on the FANGs of America, (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google), intuitive traders are turning All about Alibaba towards the BATs of Asia (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent). For context, as of January 2018, only two Asian

How much is bad data costing you?

A survey by Experian Data Quality found that an average company is losing 12% of revenue because of bad data.     This comes from roughly a quarter of information believed to be inaccurate in many. Organisations. This is costing companies in many ways: First, inaccurate data is affecting the company bottom line. 77% of

DA Approved for Skye Wollongong mixed-use tower

Acting due to demand, leading real estate developer Level 33 has announced a Wollongong project that is set to change the local landscape.     Leading southern Sydney developer Level 33 has received DA approval for a new mixed-use project in Wollongong. Located at 9-15 Railway Parade, it will span 18 levels and feature spectacular,

Positive Investment Enterprise marks the start of construction at Kew Schofields

One pioneering local developer has started construction on a project to let first home buyers into the market, instead of pricing them out.     Local developer, Positive Investment Enterprise will today celebrate the start of construction of its landmark $450 million Kew Schofields residential project in the heart of Sydney’s growing north-west, approximately 50