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China installs cameras in classrooms to monitor student performance

Over in China, one school decided to measure the gestures of their students to assist their learning. Surely this system can't be abused, right?

    There’s a scene in 1984’s 1984, ... Read the full article

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump’s Nobel nom, Telstra take down 000, pupper saved from drain by drone

Well, fudge. It’s been a week of insanity, as Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the emergency services hotline came down with a bout of the Telstras and one rad dude saved one rad dog.

How architecture from around the world has influenced mainstream design

In the last 100 years, standout architectural designs that have shifted the mainstream approach to architecture and created new and improved ways of living share a commitment to flow incorporating environment, balance, utilisation and functionality.  These designers created a shift away from decorative design to embrace more practical environments with a modern approach to use

Marketing and Sales Alignment – Best Practice for Business Leaders

The negative impact on businesses with poor Marketing and Sales alignment has been widely publicized for quite some time: The disconnect stifles sales results, creates poor customer experiences and promotes high staff turnover. Organizations all around the world are unnecessarily putting up with this problem when the benefits of effective Marketing and Sales collaboration are