Gordon Wing-Lun

TBS Boomers: Yes, I’m retired. Yes, I’m a rock climber. Yes, I’m scared.

Meet a mature adventurer, a man who shares the thrill of rock climbing with his younger mates. This particular trip may whet your own appetite for adventure – even if you’re not as young as you used to be.

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Gordon Wing-Lun

Gordon Wing-Lun is just past the classical retirement age. An engineer and banker, over the last several years he’s taken up rock climbing, a desired passion from decades ago. Inspired by a 70-year-old Aussie veteran climber, Gordon will keep climbing until he can't keep his end up, carrying his own gear, hiking in and out. He’s now a committee member of a university adventure club, learning but also teaching skills as a club trip leader. Older and wiser in the club is 30 plus, so Gordon thinks, "I'm a genius!"