Gretel Killeen

It’s “Smugs” versus “Losers” in the game of love

Gretel Killeen- photo by AMC

Approx Reading Time-10Love, as they say, is a losing game, and that is never truer than on this particular day of the calendar. But it's not all bad. “Attached” doesn't necessarily mean “happy”, so well done, ... Read the full article
Gretel Killeen

Gretel Killeen is the author of more than twenty books. At various times she hosts radio and television programs across the country, works as a journalist, stand-up comic and voice artist, and writes and directs feature films and documentaries.

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Women with guts: The invisible incline

Women in power face a continuous climb, a task made all the more arduous by their detractors’ refusal to acknowledge that the hill actually exists.