Dr Keith Suter

Society progresses via acts of senseless kindness

Approx Reading Time-8Volunteering is a multifaceted social construct, the benefits of which are inadequately promoted. From Dr Keith Suter: a look at the positives of volunteering both socially, and ... Read the full article
Dr Keith Suter

Dr Keith Suter is a social commentator, strategic planner, conference speaker, writer and broadcaster, Keith is also a foreign affairs analyst for Sky TV Australia and Radio 4BC, Brisbane, and can be heard on Australian radio on an average of once a day. Keith writes the history page for The Daily Telegraph, and is the author of 50 Things You Want to Know About World Issues (also known as Keith Suter's Global Notebook), and Keith's Suter's Local Notebook, both published by Bantam. Since 1993 Keith has been a member of The Club of Rome, a global think tank on economic and environmental matters. He is on the speakers' circuit and makes public appearances every week. Keith is also on several committees, including the International Law Association, the International Commission of Jurists, the International Humanitarian Law Committee of the Australian Red Cross (NSW), and the International Commission of Jurists (NSW).He also lectures at the department of politics and international relations, Macquarie University. Keith always spends Christmas Day as a volunteer serving meals to the homeless.

Women with guts: The invisible incline

Women in power face a continuous climb, a task made all the more arduous by their detractors’ refusal to acknowledge that the hill actually exists.