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How an expert solution architect consultant will save you money – possibly lots of money

I have been working with an interesting client.  This client creates orders in CRM and needs the information in Xero (their accounting package) for invoicing.

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The seven frustrations of DIY CRM

Imagine, in a recent sales meeting, it was decided that your organisation really did need a CRM. All of your competitors, colleagues and friends now seem to use CRM.

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Seven Steps to a successful trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

If you are planning on exploring whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is the right CRM solution for you, you are in the right place.

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Solving the user adoption problem with CRM – before it happens

Up to 85% of CRM projects are deemed to have failed, and when we drill into the reasons for the perceived failure, it is often one of two reasons

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Training is the cornerstone of a successful CRM project

Technology implementation- especially CRM projects, be they based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 or other technologies- are not easy.
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Why aren’t deaf people invited to the Chinese Whispers team?

Chinese Whispers is a game popular in primary schools, where people pass a message from one to another along a line by whispering into their neighbour’s ear, and see how it has changed at the end.

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Seven essential questions to start your CRM journey on the right foot

Understanding that CRM is a serious undertaking that will deliver huge benefits, but is not without significant effort, is key to your CRM journey success.

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CRM – Why?

In this presentation, part of InnovestSME’s “Start-Up Business Ownership certificate”, on 9th December 2017, Gill highlights some of the key functionality that successful CRM should deliver to any business.

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Implementing New Software

Many people are disappointed, upset, or downright distraught, when a software or technology project costs more than they had anticipated, or been led to believe.

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