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While you were asleep: Trudeau ruins the world, Forbes honours crypto losers, Donald gives take on Wall Street

While you were asleep: Trudeau ruins the world, Forbes honours crypto losers, Donald gives take on Wall Street

Morning, again. Does this mean I no longer have to be an ogre? Overnight, Justin Trudeau proved that he was not a robot, Forbes gave into apathy and Donald Trump made no sense.


Current Affairs Wrap: Donald’s new, new low, McLaughlan faces allegations, let there be memes

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In the week just gone, Donald crashed through the floor, an actor faced sexual harassment allegations and memes swept in to save us from ourselves.

In praise of America’s foremost antagonist, Aaron Sorkin

As America tumbles ever closer to the pit, Aaron Sorkin is one of the few that can accurately chart the detritus and find hope in it.

Current Affairs Wrap: Anti-Trump book hits, inferno sizzles Victoria, kiwis secede from NZ

Oh, Sunday. You’re gorgeous. In the week that has been, we’ve witnessed a tell-all book on Trump telling us what we already knew, the mercury rose in Victoria as did the blood alcohol content of some pioneering New Zealanders.

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump’s taxing move, Melbourne CBD attack, Australia’s biggest meth bust

The last work week of the year would unfortunately not go quietly, as Donald Trump eviscerated the taxation system, complicated violent sped through the Melbourne CBD and history was made at the end of a cuff.

Current Affairs Wrap: Mugabe outed, the marriage equality question answered, Cards Against Humanity against Trump

Good morning all! The week that just flew had a nicer face than usual. Unless you’re Robert Mugabe. Or you voted ‘No’.

Current Affairs Wrap: Harvey secures his legacy, Skydiving accident claims three, Tim Cahill’s questionable gesture

Another week, another questionable set of choices. This week Harvey Weinstein became a verb, friends became past tense, and Tim Cahill (almost) became a a pariah. Almost.

While you were asleep: Grandpa Tim bails out Socceroos, Seth Rogen goes missing, Trump’s moronic crusade continues

Ugh, my head. While you weren’t present, Tim Cahill revealed our footballing entitlement, Seth Rogen’s mum hunted him on Twitter, and Donald Trump still can’t let the moron thing go. A rose by any other name, right?