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NZ denounces Dutton’s Kiwi deportation program

NZ denounces Dutton’s Kiwi deportation program

The deportation program that has seen Kiwis returned home for a host of petty crimes has drawn vociferous criticism from the NZ government. But who is in the right?

Current Affairs Wrap: America rings in 2018 with gunshots, Australia chooses her best, Woo you Mr Woo

In the week that was, while America was busy revealing her worst, Australia honoured her absolute best. Chin-chin.

Current Affairs Wrap: Anti-Trump book hits, inferno sizzles Victoria, kiwis secede from NZ

Oh, Sunday. You’re gorgeous. In the week that has been, we’ve witnessed a tell-all book on Trump telling us what we already knew, the mercury rose in Victoria as did the blood alcohol content of some pioneering New Zealanders.

Current Affairs Wrap: NZ’s youth movement, Euthanasia bill shows signs of life, Man takes on the law for the likes

Happy Sunday! This week NZ made us look old, a very important bill cleared the first hurdle and one citizen took on the man…with bants!


Current Affairs Wrap: When Mally met Trumpie, Eminem’s existential crisis and Fairfax strikes

It was a very special week in Current Affairs Land, as domestic and international issues melded into one clusterboink that we’d all rather forget. That, plus Eminem!


Current Affairs Wrap: The week where the temperature rose significantly

It was a very shouty week. Arnold vs Trump, Turnbull vs Shorten, us vs the sun. But now that we’ve survived it (sort of), it’s time to go back to the very recent future…