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Mundine to fight the Greek Bailout


After not hearing back from Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Mundine has moved onto to fight a much bigger foe, the Greek Bailout proposal.


On the back of a vicious defeat by the Greek voters, the Bailout proposal has found a new opponent in Anthony Mundine.

He mailed a lurid, emoji filled note to the Greek parliament, in it Mundine stated:


…when you get knocked down, you gotta get back up” promising the referendum a fair fight.


Mundine, we understand is quick to organise the fight, before the Eurozone approach the Bailout Camp with the promise of a return bout.

Mundine outlined his suitability for the fight, admitting that despite lacking the experience in challenging a governmental decree, he trusts the abilities that he “learned on the job” when he defeated the 1999 Australian Republican referendum by technical knock-out, claiming that he out-boxed that decree, by not voting.

Mundine changed the subject when asked if he’d use the same tactic.

He claimed it would be a “50-50” fight, and in his classic way, moved onto the promotion of the fight, calling it “The fracas in the caucus

He is yet to receive a response.

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