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Tony Abbott’s sister, GST on tampons and a rap…

“And if Abbott gives you attitude, GST is shot…” PM’s sister featured in parody rap video protesting the tampon tax.


Yes, the PM’s sister Christine Forster has appeared in a rap video (based on Snoop Dogg’s Drop it like it’s hot) weighing in on the tampon tax. 2015 has seen a lot of social media campaigning around this, even seeing Joe Hockey agreeing that states should not be taxing a bodily function. A recent incident of a 26-year-old woman from London running a marathon without a tampon to make a statement about the stigma of periods saw worldwide coverage.

This video, Drop it coz it’s rot, was created by Mia Lethbridge and features Christine Forster amongst others being all gangsta, backing lyrics like “B L E E D just coz I was born as me, so I pay the GST coz menstruation ain’t for free”.





When they taxin’ our tampons
Drop It coz it’s rot
Drop It coz it’s rot
Drop It coz it’s rot

When you ride the crimson wave yo
Bleedin’ non-stop
Bleedin’ non-stop
Bleedin’ non-stop

And if Abbott gives you attitude
GST is shot
GST is shot
GST is shot

I B L E E D just coz i was born as me
So I pay the GST coz menstruation ain’t for free

Uh! We are nice girls, we have monthly bleeds
See these tampons, see these pads things?
Eligible bachelorette, just a modest house
That won’t be reality until GST is out
The Vagina, half the people got them
Yet there’s a tax if you’re born with one of ‘em
We can educate you, this can be biology
These are health items and that’s a reality.
Killer on the wallet, it’s a killer for my pocket
You wanna tax our bodies, then yes we’re gonna mock it!
So don’t try tellin’ us our tampons are non-essential
That’s disrespectful
If we don’t use them you’ll find it’s detrimental
You should think about it, for a second
Ain’t no shame in the fact we B L E E D
So why we gotta pay this bloody GST?


I B L E E D just coz i was born as me
So I pay the GST coz menstruation ain’t for free

Most chicks bleed, but y’all knew that.
It ain’t a luxury, we just gotta do that
I keep a tampon handy on the left side
Pad on my right side
Yeah that’s the chick style
Ain’t it bizarre they taxin’ tampons like tea
But even Bushells is GST free
B L double E D – F R double E D
It is agreed, that my bleed, should be freed
Menstruation items are justifiably a need
So girls and boys, all of y’all come inside
Mr Joe Hockey is now on our side
Please don’t be lax, and get back to the facts
After 15 years it’s time Axe This Tax!
This law is just abysmal
Why can’t we be judicial
And have us a dismissal
Of this unfair taxizzle

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  • John Preston

    A fair comment Miriam, well made

  • Miriam

    oh holy shitballs what did i just watch