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Super Tuesday explained in three minutes!

Approx Reading Time-8Super Tuesday is upon us – a crucial date in the US election calendar that can make or break a Presidential nomination. But, what is it?


Super Tuesday can make or break the spines of a nomination. Eleven states will cast their votes on both political sides of the table. That, we know. But how does it actually work, and how did it come to be?

Well, cast your vote of thanks toward the YouTube wizardry of Political Junkie News, who were good enough to demystify the buzzphrasery surrounding this momentous day, with a dash of historical relevance thrown in.

The exit polls are set to be released around 11am our time, so arm yourself with the facts that no-one decided to inform us of, before it all crashes through the floor.

NB: We’ll be running a zippy Super Tuesday recap on TBS in time for lunch.

Stay tuned.


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