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Approx Reading Time-8Foodstagrammers and Netflix junkies @hungryhipsters talk to TBS about life with full-time jobs, full-time hobbies and full-on inspiration.




Hi Guys! Your Instagram pics are fabulous. If, for whatever reason, you could only save three, which three would you save?





Getting to this point: Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourselves and how @HungryHipsters came to be?

Behind the scenes of @HungryHipsters is recently engaged and forever hungry couple Breann Chiero and Christian Medice. I (Breann) work in the apparel industry as a fashion director, specialising in lifestyle research and styling the young contemporary shopper. Christian is a songwriter and producer for the alternative music scene. We’re brunch enthusiasts, Netflix junkies and pretty obsessed with our adorable puppy. @HungryHipsters was originally created as a restaurant photo log to track all the amazing places we were visiting in NYC, so recommendations to our friends/family visiting from out of town would be easily accessible. In the beginning, we honestly didn’t know anything about social media. We just enjoyed going out together, creating memories and snapping pictures. And now we’ve focused our Instagram to create a brand that encompasses food, fashion and lifestyle. The journey has been amazing, and couldn’t be any more rewarding.


InstaMoments: What do you think is the main driver to people coming to your Instagram daily and following you?

We’d like to think people follow us because we regularly post fresh content that is tastefully inspirational. Tastefully because we post delicious and interesting food throughout the city and in our creations at home, photographed in a tasteful and elevated fashion. And inspirational because content on Instagram should be and we’ve dedicated all our creativity in attempting to do just that. If we’ve inspired just one person to make their own tie-dye ice cream, go on a champagne picnic or buy a watermelon fanny pack, mission accomplished.


InstaStories: What is the main story you like to tell through your images?

Maybe it’s not a relatable story for everyone, but it is our story: a couple living in a big city with full-time jobs, a full-time hobby and always on the go. Life is just too short to not be challenging yourself to try new experiences and have fun while you’re doing it. And of course, snapping some photos along the way.


InstaFans: What is the worst way for someone to try and get your attention on Instagram, and what is the best way?

The worst ways to get our attention is to tag us in your photos that are completely unrelated to us or by using the comment section on a photo to ask us to follow you back. And the absolute best way is to engage with us, whether it’s asking a question or saying something hilarious.
We always respond!


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