Vikash Autar

ANYDOKO: Tokyo in a day

Approx Reading Time-10What do you need to experience the sprawling entirety of Tokyo in a single day? Well, a spreadsheet, an eye for details, and a montage (or two).


Tokyo is an uber-metropolis; its vast furious legs only equalled by the craziness of its haircut. Without proper planning, Tokyo hides its better side, and even those who stay for an uneducated week leave wondering what the fuss is all about. Two weeks is about right to let the neon wash over you, but what about an electric 24 hours? Insane right?

Well, Steph from ANYDOKO has set out, armed with only a spreadsheet, a hyper-attention to detail and a camera crew in tow, to zap you along her winding traipse through the inherently cuckoo city of the salaryman, pachinko and high-grade 7-11 sashimi.

Makes me want to go back to Japan. Bye!

Vikash Autar

Vikash Autar is a Dutch film director at ANYDOKO a travel video channel showcasing the best original travel series from across the globe. As a well-traveled citizen of the world, he loves creating content around interesting topics like the different global street food scenes and the less visited destinations by tourists.

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